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In addition to the application for provisional release, is there any application in relation to provisional release which the bailor can lodge?

The bailor may lodge an application to the court requesting orders in various matters. For example, when the circumstance in case is changed, the bailor may apply for the decrease of required amount for bail, discharge of bail, or retrieval of bail security.

How to retrieve the bail security or deposit from the court?

Whenever the case is final or the court grants an order to revoke the bail or the bail conditions end by any event, the liability under bail conditions is also ceased. The bailor is able to demand the retrieval of such security promptly by lodging an application to the court enclosing with the registration slip and the payment receipt as issued on the submission of bail application. In case of loss of registration slip or the payment receipt, it is needed to report to the police and bring along the police report to the court. In general, the bailor should submit an application by himself/herself. If the bailor cannot appear to retrieve bail security or cash, the bailor may delegate any other person to retrieve such bail security or cash by filling the proxy form which can be obtained from the public relations officer of the court.


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