In addition to the requirements mentioned in the article (General Requirements for the Schengen Visa), there are special documents required when applying for the category D visa.

For Schengen visa of category A (airport transit visa) and of category B (Transit visa), there must also be attached a valid visa for the country of destination (if required) and a copy of it. In addition, the applicant must also hand in a confirmed airline ticket to the final destination and a photocopy of it.

If the application is for tourist purposes or for visiting relatives or friends, the following additional documents are required:

  • Letter of the applicant, explaining the purpose of stay with complete personal address
  • A copy of current bank statement; alternatively, an “official affidavit of support”
  • Airline reservation and one copy
  • If the purpose of visit is for visiting the relatives or friends, an invitation from the relatives or friends is needed
  • If the applicant is paying the trip himself, he should provide information about his relatives or friends (residence address, a copy of their passport, etc.). If the relative is not a citizen of the Schengen country, the applicant must present a copy of the residence permit of his host
  • If the purpose of the visit is for tourist purposes only, the applicant should attach a detailed itinerary with hotel bookings or an invitation letter by a resident of a Schengen country.

If the application is for business purposes, the applicant should bring the following documents in addition:

  • Brief profile of the organization or company he belongs to
  • Company letter in which the purpose of visit is explained in detail
  • A letter of invitation from a business partner located in a particular Schengen country
  • The company letter or the invitation letter must include statement about who will pay the living expenses of the applicant
  • Certified copy of association and memorandum, partnership or proprietorship documents, or trade license
  • Correspondence with the partner in the Schengen zone
  • Valid certificate of Membership with local Chamber of Commerce or trade organizations, if available
  • If any, entry tickets for fairs and congresses
  • Proof of hotel reservation and flight tickets
  • If applicable, proof of authorization from the company for company bank transactions

If the application is for the purpose of studying, the applicant must bring a confirmation of the institution he will study at.