Section Code: 0046 - 0048


Given on the 23rd day of April B.E. 2545 (2002)
Being the 57th Year of the Present Reign.

Chapter 8: Fees, Expenses and Remunerations

Section 46

Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the fees and expenses incidental to the arbitral proceedings and the remunerations for arbitrator, excluding attorney’s fees and expenses, shall be in accordance with that stipulated in the award of the arbitral tribunal.

In case where the said fees, expenses or remunerations have not been fixed in the award, any party or the arbitral tribunal may petition a competent court for a ruling on the arbitration fees, expenses and remunerations for the arbitrator as it deems appropriate.

Section 47

An institution established for the settlement of the disputes by arbitration may prescribe the fees, expenses and remunerations incidental to the arbitral proceedings.


Transitional Provisions

Section 48

The provisions of this Act shall not prejudice the validity of the arbitration agreements and arbitral proceedings that have been carried out prior to the date of entry into force of this Act.

Any arbitral proceedings which have not been conducted and the time limit thereof under the applicable law has not lapsed, prior to the effective date of this Act, may be conducted within the time limit under this Act.


Pol. Lt. Col. Thaksin Shinawatra
Prime Minister
29 April 2002