Section Code: 0063 - 0067

Child Protection Act of 2546 (2003)

Article 63

Schools and educational establishments shall set up systems and activities to provide guidance, counselling and training for pupils, students and guardians, with a view to promoting appropriate behaviour, social responsibility and safety for the pupils and students, in accordance with the criteria, procedures and conditions stipulated in the ministerial regulations.

Article 64

Pupils and students shall behave in accordance with the regulations of the schools or educational establishments and in compliance with the ministerial regulations.

Article 65

If a student or pupil violates the provisions under Article 67, a competent official shall act in accordance with the regulations specified by the Minister and shall have the authority to hand over the student or pupil to the administrator of the school or educational establishment attended by the pupil or student for investigation, admonition or punishment in accordance with the regulations. In cases where it is not possible to hand over the student or pupil, the competent official may notify the administrator verbally or in writing.

Upon having admonished or punished the student or pupil, a competent official or administrator of the school or educational establishment shall notify the guardian for additional rebuke or disciplining.

The punishment of pupils or students shall be carried out reasonably for disciplinary purposes, in accordance with the regulations specified by the Minister.

Article 66

A competent official under this Chapter has the authority to act for the purpose of promoting the behaviour of pupils and students as follows:

  1. Make enquiries of the teachers, instructors or heads of educational establishments with regard to the behaviour, education, habits and intellect of a student or pupil who has violated provisions under Article 64;
  2. Summon the guardian, teachers, instructors or head of the educational establishment where such student or pupil attends to collect the student or pupil for further admonition and discipline;
  3. Give advice to guardians in connection with discipline;
  4. Summon a guardian for admonition or to be placed under a bond of performance in order that repeated violations of Article 64 may be guarded against;
  5. Monitor, supervise, and report to the Committee on the behaviour of persons or on other situations which are likely to induce pupils or students to behave inappropriately;
  6. Coordinate with the administrators of schools or educational establishments, teachers, guardians, police officers or other competent officials for implementation of actions in accordance with this Chapter.

Article 67

In the case where there is a reason to suspect that the laws or regulations on the behaviour of pupils or students may have been violated, a competent official shall have the authority to enter any residences, premises or vehicles during the period from dawn to dusk or during business hours for investigation purposes.

In performing the duties under paragraph one, the competent official shall present his or her identification card to persons concerned, and the persons concerned shall accord facilities as appropriate.

The identification card of a competent official shall comply with the form prescribed by the Minister as published in the Government Gazette.