Section Code: 1719 - 1725

Thai Civil and Commercial Code


Chapter 1: Administrator of an Estate

Section 1719. Acts in Compliance with Expressed or Implied Order of Will

The administrator of an estate has the right and duty to do all such acts as may be necessary for complying with the expressed or implied order in the will and for the general administration or distribution of the estate.

Section 1720. Liability to the Heirs

The administrator of an estate shall be liable to the heirs as provided by Sections 809, 812, 819 and 823 of this Code mutatis mutandis; and as regards third persons Section 831 shall apply mutatis mutandis.

Section 1721. No Right to Remuneration out of Estate

An administrator of an estate is not entitled to receive remuneration out of the estate unless permitted by the will or by the majority of the heirs.

Section 1722. No Juristic Acts contrary to interest of the Estate

The administrator of an estate cannot, unless permitted by the will or the Court, enter into any juristic act wherein he has an interest adverse to the interest of the estate.

Section 1723. Personal Actions required by Administrator

The administrator of an estate must act personally unless he can act by an agent through express or implied authority under will or by order of the Court or by requirement of the circumstances for the benefit of the estate.

Section 1724. Heirs bound to third persons by Administrator’s Actions

The heirs are bound to third persons by acts which the administrator has done within the scope of his authority by virtue of his administratorship.

They are not bound by any juristic act entered into by the administrator with a third person if such juristic act was entered into for consideration of any property or other advantages given for his personal benefit or so promised to him by such person unless the heirs have given their consent.

Section 1725. Notice to Interested person of Dispositions

The administrator of an estate shall take proper steps to seek for the interested person and shall notify them within a reasonable time of the testamentary dispositions concerning them.