Section Code: 0807 - 0814

Thai Civil and Commercial Code


Chapter 2: Duties and Liabilities of the Agent to the Principal

Section 807. Following Directions of Principal

The agent must act according to the express or implied directions of the principal. In the absence of such directions, he must pursue the accustomed course of business in which he is employed.

The provisions of Section 659 concerning Deposit apply mutatis mutandis.

Section 808. Cannot Delegate Work without Authority

The agent must act personally, unless he has authority to act by subagent.

Section 809. Principal must provide information required by Agent to complete task

If required by principal, the agent must at all reasonable times give information as to the conditions of the matter entrusted to him. He must render an account after the agency has come to an end.

Section 810. Must Handover all Money to the Principal

The agent must hand over to the principal all the moneys and other properties which he receives in connection with the agency.

Section 811. Unlawful Use of Principal’s Money

If the agent has used for his own benefit money which ought to have handed over to the principal or to have used for the principal, he must pay interest thereon from the day when he used it for his own benefit.

Section 812. Agent is Liable for Acts of Negligence or Non Authority

The agent is liable for any injury resulting from his negligence or non-execution of agency, or from an act done without or in excess of authority.

Section 813. Agent liability for Subagent chosen by Principal

The agent who appoints a subagent designated by the principal is liable only in case he knew his unfitness or untrustworthiness and omitted to inform the principal thereof or to revoke the sub-agency.

Section 814. Subagent is Liable to the Principal

The subagent is directly liable to the principal and vice versa.