Section Code: 0833 - 0844

Thai Civil and Commercial Code


Chapter 6: Commission Agency

Section 833. Commission Agent

A commission agent is a person who, in the course of his business undertakes to buy sell property or undertakes any other commercial transaction in his own name on account of the principal.

Section 834. Remuneration

Unless otherwise agreed, a commission agent is entitled to a usual rate of remuneration on every transaction concluded by him.

Section 835. Commission Agency

The provisions of this Code concerning Agency apply to Commission Agency in so far as they are not contrary to the provisions of this Chapter.

Section 836. Incapacitated Person

An incapacitated person cannot act as commission agent unless duly authorized to that effect.

Section 837. Acquiring Rights to Property

The commission agent, by a sale or purchase or any other transaction made on account of the principal, acquires rights against the other party to such transaction and becomes bound to him.

Section 838. Liability for Performance

If the other party to the transaction does not perform his obligation, the commission agent is not himself liable to the principal for the performance unless it is provided by the contract, or may be implied from the course of dealing between the principal an agent, or by local usage.

The commission agent who undertakes to guarantee the execution of a contract upon the terms mentioned in the foregoing paragraph is a del credere agent and is entitled to a special remuneration.

Section 839. Sale for Lower Price than Agreed by Principal

When a commission agent has made a sale for a lower price or a purchase for a higher price than that designated by the principal, if the agent takes upon himself the difference, such sale or purchase takes effect against the principal.

Section 840. Sale for Higher Price Agreed by Principal

When a commission agent has made a sale for a higher price or purchase for a lower price than that designated by the principal, he cannot take the benefit on such transaction and must account it to the principal.

Section 841. Reporting Commission

The commission agent shall report his activities to the principal, and upon execution of the commission, shall inform the principal without delay.

Section 842. Entrusting Agent with Deposit

Where a property has been entrusted to a commission agent the provisions of this Code concerning Deposit apply mutatis mutandis.

In case of unavoidable necessity the commission agent may dispose of the property in a manner provided in Section 631 concerning Carriage.

Section 843. Order to Buy or Sell Property

A commission agent who has been ordered to sell or buy a property which has an exchange quotation may himself be the buyer or seller, unless he is expressly forbidden by the contract. In such a case the price to be paid is determined by the quotation of such property on the exchange at the time when the commission agent gives notice of his being the buyer or seller.

On receiving such notice the principal is deemed to have accepted the transaction, unless he refuses it at once.

A commission agent may even in such case charge remuneration.

Section 844. Transactions by Principal or Agent have the same effect

Between the principal and the commission agent, a transaction concluded by the latter shall have the same effect as if it had been concluded directly in the name of the principal.