Section Code: 0634 - 0639

Thai Civil and Commercial Code


Chapter 2: Carriage of Passengers

Section 634 Liability of Passenger Carriers

The carrier of passengers is liable to a passenger for personal injuries and for the damages immediately resulting from delay suffered by reason of the transportation, unless the injury or delay is caused by force majeure or by the fault of such passenger.

Section 635 Liability for Luggage

Luggage entrusted to the carrier in time must be delivered on the arrival of the passenger.

Section 636 One Month to pick up luggage unless it is perishable

If the passenger does not take delivery of the luggage within one month after its arrival, the carrier can sell it by public auction. If the luggage is of a perishable nature, the carrier can sell it by public auction twenty-four hours after its arrival. The provisions of section 632 apply mutatis mutandis.

Section 637 Rights and Liabilities of a Carrier

The rights and liabilities of the carrier for the luggage which has been entrusted to him are governed by Chapter I, even though the carrier did not make a separate charge for it.

Section 638 No Liability for Carrier for Luggage Not Entrusted to Them

No liability is incurred by the carrier for the luggage which has not been entrusted to him, unless such luggage is lost or damaged by the fault of the carrier or of his employees.

Section 639 Limited Liability

A provision in a ticket, receipt or such other document delivered by the carrier to the passenger excluding or limiting liability of the carrier is void, unless the passenger expressly agreed to such exclusion per limitation of liability.