Section Code: 1599 - 1603

Thai Civil and Commercial Code


Chapter 1: State Planning - Devolution of an Estate

Section 1599. Intestate

When a person dies, his estate devolves on the heirs.

An heir may lose his right to the succession only under the provisions of this Code or other laws.

Section 1600. Property, Rights, duties, and liabilities of the Deceased

Subject to the provisions of this Code, the estate of a deceased includes his properties of every kind, as well as his rights, duties and liabilities, except those which by law or by their nature are purely personal to him.

Section 1601. No liability from the Heirs on Debts of the Deceased

An heir shall not be liable in excess of the property devolving on him.

Section 1602. Death Provisions

When a person is deemed to have died under the provisions of Section 62* of this Code shall, the estate devolves on the heirs.

If it is proved that such person is living or that he died at a time different from that specified in the adjudication of disappearance, the provisions of Section 63* of this Code shall apply as regards his heirs.

Section 1603. Devolution by Right or Will

An estate devolves on the heirs by statutory right or by will.

Heirs who are so entitled by law are called ‘statutory heirs'.

Heirs who are entitled by will are called ‘legatees'.

[*Amended by section 15 Act Promulgating the Revised Provisions of Book I of the Civil and Commercial Code B.E. 2535]