Section Code: 0546 - 0551

Thai Civil and Commercial Code

Chapter II

Duties and liabilities of the letter

Section 546. Return of Property

The lessor is bound to deliver the property hired in a good state of repair.

Section 547. Reimbursement of Necessary and Reasonable Expenses

The lessor is bound to reimburse to the hirer any necessary and reasonable expenses incurred by him for the preservation of the property hired, except expenses for ordinary maintenance and petty repairs

Section 548. Property Not Suitable for Purpose

In case of delivery of the property hired in a condition not suitable for the purpose for which it is let, the hirer may terminate the contract.

Section 549. Liability for Defects

The delivery of the property hired, the liability of the lessor in case of defects and eviction and the effects of a non-liability clause are governed by the provisions of this Code concerning sale, mutatis mutandis.

Section 550. Liability for Defects during the Contract

The lessor is liable for any defects which arise during the continuance of the contract and he must make all the repairs which may become necessary, except those which are by law or custom to be done by the hirer.

Section 551. Correction of Defect with Notice

If the defect is not such as would deprive the hirer of the use and benefit of the property hired, and can be remedied by the lessor, the hirer must first notify the lessor to make it good. If the defect is not made good within a reasonable time, the hirer may terminate the contract provided the defect is serious enough to justify this course.