Section Code: 0564 - 0571

Thai Civil and Commercial Code

Chapter IV

Extinction of Contract of Hire

Section 564. End of Contract

A contract of hire is extinguished at the end of the agreed period without notice.

Section 565. Farm Land Rental Period

A hire of garden land is presumed to be made for one year. A hire of paddy land is presumed to be made for the agricultural year.

Section 566. If no period set, one rent period notice is required

If no period is agreed upon or presumed, either party may terminate the contract of hire at the end of each period for the payment of rent, provided that notice of at least one rent period is given, but no more than two months’ notice need be given.

Section 567. Loss of Property

If the whole of the property hired is lost, the contract is extinguished.

Section 568. Loss of Part of Property – Reduction in Rent

If part only of the property hired is lost without the fault of the hirer, he may claim that the rent be reduced in portion to the part lost.

If in such case the hirer cannot with the remaining part accomplish the purpose for which he entered the contract of hire, he may terminate.

Section 569. Transfer of Property does not terminate rental contract

A contract of hire of immovable property is not extinguished by the transfer of ownership of the property hired.

The transferee is entitled to the rights and is subjected to the duties of the transferor towards the hirer.

Section 570. Staying at Property at the end of the Contract

If, at the end of the agreed period, the hirer remains in possession of the property and the lessor knowing thereof does not object, the parties are deemed to have renewed the contract for an indefinite period.

Section 571. Renter for Farm Land can stay at the property until harvest but must pay rent

If a contract of hire of paddy land is terminated or extinguished after the hirer has planted the paddy, the hirer is entitled to remain in the possession till the harvest is finished, but he must pay rent.