Section Code: 1215 - 1219

Thai Civil and Commercial Code


Part 5: Inspection

Section 1215. Application for Inspection

Upon the application of shareholders holding not less than one-fifth part of the shares of the company, the competent Minister shall appoint one or more competent inspectors to examine into the affairs of any limited company and to report thereon.

The Minister, before appointing any such inspector, may require the applicants to give security for payment of expenses of the inspection.

Section 1216. Must Produce Books and Documents

The directors, employees and agents of the company are bound to produce to the inspectors all books and documents in their custody or power.

Any inspector may examine upon oath the directors, employees and agents of the company in relation to its business.

Section 1217. Inspector Reports to Minister and Shareholders

The inspectors must make a report to be written or printed as the competent Minister directs. Copies must be forwarded by the Minister to the registered office of the company and to the shareholders upon whose application the inspection was made.

Section 1218. Applicants responsible for inspection expenses

All expenses of such inspection must be repaid by the applicants, unless the company, in the first general meeting after such inspection is finished, consents that the same shall be paid out of the assets of the company.

Section 1219. Appointment of Inspectors

The competent Minister may also, of his own motion, appoint inspectors to report to the Government on the affairs of the company. Such appointment lies entirely within the discretion of the Minister.