Section Code: 0736 - 0743

Thai Civil and Commercial Code


Chapter 5: Rights and Duties of the Transferee of a Mortgaged Property

Section 736. Transferee

The transferee of a mortgaged property may remove the mortgage, provided that he is not the principal debtor, a surety or an heir of either of them.

Section 737. Removal of the Mortgaged Property

The transferee may remove the mortgage at any time, but if he has been notified by the mortgagee of the mortgagee's intention to enforce the mortgage, he must do so within one month thereafter.

Section 738. Notify Principal Debtor and Registered Creditor

The transferee who wishes to remove the mortgage must notify the principal debtor and make an offer to every registered creditor whether by way of mortgage or otherwise pay a reasonable amount corresponding to the value of the property.

The offer shall contain the following particulars:

  1. The place and the description of the mortgaged property.
  2. The date of transfer of ownership.
  3. The name of the former owner.
  4. The name and domicile of the transferee.
  5. The sum offered.
  6. A calculation of the total amount due to each of the creditors including accessories, and the sum which would be distributed to them according to their respective ranks.

A certified copy of the entries in the official registered to the mortgaged property shall be enclosed.

Section 739. Creditor Can File Court Action to Stop Action

If any creditor refuses the offer, he must enter an action in Court within one month from the date of the offer for a judgment ordering the mortgaged property to be sold by public auction, provided that:

  1. He advances the cost of sale;
  2. He binds himself to make a bid or have a bid made above the sum offered by the transferee, and
  3. He notifies his refusal to the transferee, other registered creditors, the former owner and the principal debtor.

Section 740. Cost of Transfer and Auction

If the net proceeds of the auction are more than the sum offered by the transferee, the costs of the auction shall be borne by him; otherwise, the creditor demanding the sale shall bear the costs of the auction.

Section 741. Acceptance of Offer

When all the creditors have accepted the offer, either expressly or implied, the mortgage and preferential rights are removed by the transferee paying or depositing in lieu of performance the sum offered.

Section 742. Removal of Property from After Acquired Mortgage Property

When, by the enforcement or the removal of the mortgage, a person who has previously acquired the mortgaged property is deprived of the property, such deprivation has no retrospective effect, and the preferential rights registered by his own creditors of the mortgagor or other former owner.

In such case, if any rights over the mortgaged property existing in favour of or against the person who has so previously acquired the mortgaged property have been extinguished by merger at the time of his acquisition, they shall revive in his favour or against him after he has been deprived of the mortgaged property.

Section 743. Liability for Damages

The transferee is liable to damages if the property has been made less valuable by his act or negligence, and loss has thereby been suffered by the creditors having mortgages or preferential rights over the same. The transferee cannot, however, claim any sum spent by him, or reimbursement of his expenses for improvements, except so far as he has increased the value of the property, and only up to the amount of the increase of value at the time of auction.