Section Code: 1049 - 1054

Thai Civil and Commercial Code


Part 3: Relation of Partners with Third Persons

Section 1049. Acquiring Rights Against 3rd Party

No partner can acquire any right against third persons by a transaction where his own name did not appear.

Section 1150. Jointly Liable for Acts of Partners

All the partners are bound by the acts done by any of them in the ordinary course of the business of the partnership and are jointly and unlimitedly liable for the performance of the obligations incurred in such management.

Section 1151. Continuing Liability after Partnership Ceases

A partner whose membership has ceased continues to be liable in respect of obligations incurred by the partnership before he became a partner.

Section 1152. New Partners Liable for Previous Obligations

A person who becomes member of a partnership is liable for any obligations incurred by the partnership before he became a partner.

Section 1153. No Restriction on the Effect of Partner’s Interaction with 3rd Person

No restrictions of the power of a member of a non-registered partnership to bind the other partners can have effect with respect to third persons.

Section 1054. False Claim of Partnership makes Person Liable

A person who by words spoken or written, or by conduct, or by consenting to the use of his name in the firm name of the partnership, represents himself, or who knowingly suffers himself to be represented as a member of a partnership becomes liable to third persons as a partner for all the obligations of the partnership.

If after the death of a partner the partnership business is continued in the old firm name, the continued use of that name or of the deceased partner, as part thereof, does not in itself make his estate liable for any obligations incurred by the partnership after his death.