Section Code: 1632 - 1634

Thai Civil and Commercial Code


Chapter 3: Division into Shares Between the Statutory Heirs in Each Class and Degree

Section 1632. Distribution of Inheritance

Subject to the provisions of Section 1629 last paragraph, the distribution of inheritance to the statutory heirs in the several classes of relatives shall be in accordance with the provisions in Part I of this Chapter.

Section 1633. Same Class = Equal Shares

The statutory heirs of the same class in any of the classes as specified in Section 1629 are entitled to equal shares. If there is only one statutory heir in such class, he is entitled to the whole portion.

Section 1634. Per Stirpes

As between the descendants entitled by way of representative to the division per stirpes as provided in Chapter IV of Title II, the divisions shall be as follows:

  1. If there are descendants of different degrees, only the children of the deceased who are the nearest in degree are entitled to receive the inheritance. The descendants of lower degree may receive the inheritance only by virtue of the right of representation;
  2. descendants in the same degree are entitled to equal parts
  3. if in one degree there is only one descendants such descendant is entitled to the whole share.