Section Code: 0060/1 - 0060/3

B.E. 2522 (1979) as amended 2008

Chapter 6-1

Section 60/1. Official Power

In performing in accordance with this Act, the competent official shall have the power as follows:

  1. Conveying a letter to any person calling for such person to make a statement, give explanation on the facts or else make a written explanation or submit documents, accounts, registers or any evidences to support a consideration or a check on the performance in compliance with this Act.
  2. Entering the land and building requested for registration as a condominium or the land, building or premises being the common property of the condominium in order to make inquiries on the facts, verify documents or evidences to support the consideration or check the performance in compliance with this Act.
  3. Attaching documents, accounts, registers or evidences for the benefit of verifications and proceeding the case under this Act.

On performing duty under (2), the competent official shall not act in a manner of threatening or search in accordance with Criminal Procedure Code.

On performing duty under paragraph one by the competent official, related person(s) shall provide reasonable facilitations to such competent official.

Section 60/2. Identification

On performing duty, the competent official must produce his identification card to related person(s).

The identification card of the competent official shall be in accordance with the form set forth by the Minister.

Section 60/3. Act within law

On performing duty in accordance with this Act, the competent officials shall be the official in accordance with the Criminal Code.