Section Code: 0306 - 0308

Criminal Code


Chapter 4: Offence of Abandonment of Children, Sick Persons or Aged Persons

Section 306. Abandonment of Child

Whoever, abandons a child not over nine years of age in any place, with intent to wholly abandon such child in a manner so that such child shall be without a person to take care of shall be punished with imprisonment not exceeding three years or fined not exceeding six thousand Baht, or both.

Section 307. Abandonment of Sick or Old

Whoever, to have the duty according to the law or the have the contract taking care of the person in the helpless condition through age, because of sickness, infirmity in body or mind, abandoning such person in the manner likely to endanger his or her life, shall be imprisoned out of three years or fined not more of six thousand Baht, or both.

Section 308. Death or Grievous Bodily Harm of Abandoned

If the commission of the offence according to Section 306 or Section 307 causes death or grievous bodily harm to the abandoned person, the offender shall be punished as provided in Section 290, Section 297 or Section 298.