Section Code: 0349 - 0351

Criminal Code


Chapter 4: Offence of Cheating Creditors

Section 349. Destroying Property Pledge to another Person

Whoever, taking away, damaging, destroying, causing depreciation of value, or rendering useless the property to have been pledged to another person, if being commission so as to cause injury to the pledged, shall be imprisoned not more of two years or fined not more of four thousand Baht, or both.

Section 350. Preventing Creditor from Receiving Payment

Whoever, in order to prevent his creditor or the creditor of the other person from receiving payment in whole or in part which has been or will be claimed through the Court, removes, conceals or transfers any property to another person, or maliciously contracts a debt for any sum which is not true, shall be punished with imprisonment not exceeding two years or fined not exceeding four thousand Baht, or both.

Section 351. Compound Offense

The offences in this Chapter are compoundable offences.