Section Code: 0083 - 0086

Criminal Code


Chapter 6: Principals and Supporters

Section 83. Principals

In case of any offence is accrued by commission of the person as from two persons upwards, such accomplices deemed to be principals shall be punished as provided by the law for such offence.

Section 84. Instigator

Whoever, whether by employment, compulsion, threat, hire, asking as favor or instigation, or by any other means, causes another person to commit any offence is said to be an instigator.

If the employed person commits the offence, the instigator shall receive the punishment as principal. If the offence is not committed, whether it be that the employed person does not consent to commit, or has not yet committed, or on account of any ether reason, the instigator shall be liable to only one-third of the punishment provided for such offence.

Section 85. Publicizing a Crime

Whoever propagates or publishes to the general public to commit an offence and such offence being punishable with imprisonment of not less than six months, shall be liable to one-half of the punishment provided for such offence.

If the offence is committed on account of the propagation or publication according to the first paragraph, the person who made such propagation or publication shall be liable to the punishment as principal.

Section 86. Accomplice

Whoever does for any reason whatsoever as assist or facility to any other person committing an offence before or late time of committing the offence, even though such assistance or facility is not known by the offender, such assistant deemed to be supporter in committing such offence shall be punished by two-thirds of the punishment as provided for such offence.