Section Code: 0206 - 0208

Criminal Code


Section 206. Insulting or Defaming a Religion

Whoever, to do, by any means whatever, to the object or place of religious worship of any group of persons in the manner likely to insult such religion, shall be imprisoned as from two years to seven years or fined as from two thousand Baht to fourteen thousand Baht, or both.

Section 207. Disturbance at a Place of Religion

Whoever to cause a disturbance at an assembly of religious persons lawfully engaged at the time of meeting in religious worship or performing religious ceremonies shall be punished with imprisonment not exceeding one year or fined not exceeding two thousand Baht, or both.

Section 208. Dressing up as a Monk or Clergy

Whoever, wrongfully dressing or using the symbol manifesting that oneself to be Buddhist monk or novice, holy man or clergyman of any religion so as to make the other person to believe that oneself to be such person, shall be imprisoned not more of one year or fined not more of two thousand Baht.