Section Code: 0001 -

Criminal Code


Chapter 1: Terminology

Section 1. Terminology and Definitions

In this Code:

  1. “Dishonestly” means in such a manner as to enrich oneself or another by an unlawful means;
  2. “Public way” means a land course or watercourse for public transport, and includes a railway or tramway for public transit;
  3. “Public place” means any place to which the public is entitled to gain access;
  4. “Dwelling” means a place of habitation, such as an inhabited house, building, ship or floating house, and includes the vicinity of such place, whether encircled;
  5. “Weapon” includes an object which is not a weapon by nature but is used or intended to be used in causing any grievous bodily harm as if weapon;
  6. “Forcible attack” means an assault against the person or mind of a person, whether by physical force or by any other means, and includes any action by which a person places another in the state of being incapable of resistance, whether by intoxicant, hypnotization or any other similar means;
  7. “Document” means a paper or other object on which the meaning is made available through scripts, figures, pictures or other designs, whether by means of printing, photographing or others which bear evidence of such meaning;
  8. “Official document” means a document drawn up or certified by a public officer in the capacity of his public office, and includes its copy certified by a public officer in virtue of his public duty;
  9. “Right document” means a document bearing evidence of the creation, modification, transfer, reservation or extinguishment of a right;
  10. “Signature” includes a fingerprint or other mark affixed by a person in lieu of his signature;
  11. “Nighttime” means an interval between sunset and sunrise;
  12. “Immure” means hold in custody, restrain, detain, incarcerate or imprison;
  13. “Ransom” means property or benefit solicited or given in return for personal freedom of an abducted, restrained or detained person;
  14. “Electronic card” means:
    1. A document or any other object which is issued in whatever form by an issuer to an eligible user, whether named, and onto which the data or codes are recorded by applying an electronic means, electric means, electromagnetic means or any other similar means, including a light or magnetic means, in order to make the meaning available through scripts, figures, codes, card numbers or any other symbols, either macroscopic or non-macroscopic;
    2. Any data, code, account number, electronic number set or numeral instrument which are issued by an issuer to an eligible user without any additional document or object and which are used in such a way similar to (a); or
    3. Any other object used in conjunction with the electronic data for the purpose of indicating the relationship between a person and such electronic data and identifying its owner;
  15. “Passport” means a personal certificate issued in whatever form by the Thai Government, government of a foreign state or international organization to any person to be used by him in identifying himself in the course of an international travel, and includes a passport substitute and a passport form in which the information as to the passport holder is not yet filled.