Section Code: 0106 - 0109

CUSTOMS ACT, B.E. 2469 (1926)

Chapter 14: Agents

Section 106

Any person who is expressly or impliedly authorized by the owner of any goods to be his agent in respect of the goods for any purpose under this Act, and such authorization has been approved by a competent official, such person shall be deemed to be the owner of the goods for such purpose.

Section 107

If the master of any vessel authorizes any person to act as his agent with the approval of a competent official, and such agent expressly or impliedly accepts such agency for the performance of any duty under this Act, when such agent fails to perform the duties, the agent shall be liable to the same penalties as the master.

Section 108

If any person files an application with an official for a permission to transact a specific business on behalf of another person, the official may require such applicant to produce a written power of attorney from the person on whose behalf the application was filed by the applicant to act as an agent, and in the absence of such power of attorney, the official may refuse the transaction of such business with such applicant.

Section 109

Any clerk or servant of any person or any firm may transact all businesses on behalf of such person or firm at the Customs House. However, a competent official may refuse to recognize any such clerk or servant unless such person or firm has deposited at the Customs House a general power of attorney authorizing such clerk or servant to act on his behalf, and has given security by bond or other means as considered reasonable by and to the satisfaction of the competent official to ensure the proper conduct of business by such clerk or servant.