Section Code: 0139 - 0142


Given on this 12th day of February B.E. 2541
Being the 53rd year of the Present Reign.

Chapter 14: Labor Inspectors

Section 139

In performing his or her duties, a Labor Inspector shall have powers as follows:

  1. to enter the place of business or the office of an Employer and the workplace of Employees, during any hours of work, in order to examine the working conditions of the Employees and employment conditions; to inquire of any facts; to take photographs; to copy documents concerning employment, payment of Wages, Overtime Pay, Holiday Pay, Holiday Overtime Pay, and the Employee records; to sample material or products for analysis regarding safety at work; and to perform any other tasks in order to acquire facts for the execution of his or her powers under this Act;
  2. to issue an inquiry notice or summon an Employer, Employee, or other relevant persons to give factual statements or submit objects or relevant documents for a consideration; and
  3. to issue a written order to an Employer or Employee to comply with this Act.

Section 140

In performing his or her duties under section 139(1), a Labor Inspector shall produce his or her assigned identity card to the Employer or concerned persons, and the Employer or concerned persons shall render all conveniences and not obstruct the performance of duty by the Labor Inspector.

The assigned identity card of the Labor Inspectors shall be in the form prescribed by the Minister.

Section 141

Whereas an Employer or Employee has complied with an order issued by a Labor Inspector under Section 139(3) within the specified period, criminal proceedings against the Employer or Employee shall be extinguished.

Section 142

During an inspection of the place of business or office of an Employer or the working place of an Employee, the Director-General or a person entrusted by the Director-General may arrange physicians, social welfare workers or experts appointed by the Minister to enter such places in order to give advice or to help the Labor Inspector in execution of this Act.

The employer or any concerned persons shall render all conveniences and not obstruct the performance of duty of the physicians, social welfare workers, or experts described under paragraph one.