Section Code: 0116 - 0117


Given on this 12th day of February B.E. 2541
Being the 53rd year of the Present Reign.

Chapter 10: Suspension from Work

Section 116

Whereas an Employee alleged to have committed an offence is under investigation by an Employer, the Employer is not allowed to order the suspension from work of the Employee during such investigation, unless the Employer is empowered by the work rules or an agreement on conditions of employment to order such. The Employer shall issue a written order of the suspension stating the offence committed and the period of suspension of not exceeding seven days, and notify the Employee prior to the suspension.

During the suspension under paragraph one, the Employer shall make payments to the Employee according to the rate specified in the work rules or the agreement on conditions of employment agreed between the Employer and Employee. Such rate shall not be less than fifty percent of the Wages of a Working Day received by the Employee prior to his or her suspension.

Section 117

Upon the completion of investigation, if it appears that the Employee is not guilty, the Employer shall pay Wages to the Employee equivalent to the Wages of a Working Day from the date of the suspension. The payment made by the Employer under Section 116 shall be included as part of the Employee’s Wages under this Section plus interest at a rate of fifteen per cent per annum.