Section Code: 0001 - 0007

Land Code Promulgating Act, B.E. 2497 (1954)

As amended until Land Code Amendment Act (No.12), B.E. 2551 (2008)

Chapter 1: General Provisions

Section 1

In this Code:

  • “Land” The land surface everywhere and includes mountains, hills, streams, ponds, canals, swamps, marshes, waterways, lakes, islands and sea coast.
  • “Rights in land” Ownership and also includes possessor rights.
  • “Pre-emption certificate” The document showing authorization of temporary occupation of land.
  • “Certificate of use” The document from the competent official certifying that land has already been put to use.
  • “Land particulars" The paper showings the inquiry for the purpose of issuing a certificate” title deed and shall also include the plot identification slip.
  • “Title deed” The document showing ownership of the land and includes land title deed with map, pre-emption title deed and pre-emption certificate stamped “ALERADY PUT TO USE”.
  • “Survey” The survey and recording of boundaries or computation or area in order to determine the location of boundary lines or area of land.
  • “Land Trading” Repealed
  • “Public Bodies” The public units holding a juristic person status and being a part of central, provincial, or local government organizations.
  • “Commission” The National Land Allocation Commission.
  • “Competent authority” The competent officials acting under this Code and other officials appointed by the Minister to act under this Code.
  • “Director-General” The Director-General of the Land Department.
  • “Minister” The Minister in charge under the Act Promulgating the Land Code and under this Code.

Section 2

Land which is not vested in any person shall be deemed the property of the state.

Section 3

A person may have title to land in the following cases:

  1. where title was acquired according to law prior to the effective date of this Code or by title deed under the provisions of this Code;
  2. where title was acquired under the land for living law or other law.

Section 4

Subject to Section 6, any person who has acquired a right to possession of land prior to the effective date of this Code and his transferees prior to the effective date of this Code shall continue to have the right to possession and occupation.

Section 4 bis

On and from the enforcement date of the Announcement of the Revolutionary Council, the transfer of ownership or possessory right in the land for which the Title Deed or the Utilization Certificate has already been issued shall be ma de in writing and registered with the competent officials.

Section 5

Any person wishing to give his rights in land to the state shall submit his request to do so to the competent authority under Section 71.

Section 6

On and from the enforcement date of the Announcement of the Revolutionary Council, any land rights holder according to the Title Deed or the Utilization Certificate abandons the land or leaves the said land as to become a waste land for a longer period than:

  1. ten consecutive years for the land with Title Deed;
  2. five consecutive years for the land with the Utilization Certificate, Such person is deemed to intentionally renounce his/her rights in a specific portion of land that is abandoned or left to become a waste land. After the Director-General files a statement of claims with the Court and the Court orders the revocation of the document of rights in such land, it shall become the domain public of State and be executed further by this code.

Section 7. Repealed