Section Code: 0084 - 0085

Land Code Promulgating Act, B.E. 2497 (1954)

As amended until Land Code Amendment Act (No.12), B.E. 2551 (2008)

Chapter 7: Limitations of Rights in Land for Religious Purposes

Section 84

Wats, temples, Roman Catholic Churches, Christian Foundations or Moslem may acquire land with the permission of the Minister and may acquire not more than fifty rais. In appropriate cases the minister may allow the acquisition of more land then that prescribed in the preceding paragraph.

The provisions of this Section shall not affect t e acquisition of land prior to the effective date of this Code or acquisition of land of the Mosles Musjid under the provisions of Muslim Law in a Changwat having an Islamic magistrate (Da Toe Yudtitham).

Section 85

A juristic person who acquires more land than that provided in Section 84 after the effective date of this Code shall dispose of the excess within five years. If the land is not disposed of within such time the Director-General shall have the power to dispose of it applying the provisions relating to forced sale of land in Chapter 3 mutatis mutandis.