Section Code: 0001 - 0005

MARTIAL LAW, B.E. 2457 (1914) Preamble

Phrabat Somdet Phra Paramintharamaha Vajiravudh Phra Mongkut Klao Chaoyuhua is graciously pleased to proclaim that the powers of the military authorities provided in the Martial Law which had been promulgated since the year B.E. 2450 (R.S. 126) (1907) are not consistent with the rules of war and not convenient for the preservation of the external or internal security of the State, it is now deemed expedient to amend the Martial Law so that it will be suitable to the present time. It is hereby enacted that the Martial Law, B.E. 2450 (R.S. 126) (1907) shall be repealed and replaced by the Martial Law as prescribed as an Act as follows:

Section 1. Name of the Act

This Act is called the “Martial Law, B.E. 2457”.

Section 2. Royal Proclamation

Whenever there is necessity to preserve good order so as to be free from external or internal danger, a Royal Proclamation may be issued enforcing all or certain sections of the Martial Law or part of any section of it including the conditions under which such provision or provisions shall apply to the whole or any part of the Kingdom; and after the proclamation has been made at any time or in any area, all the provisions of any act or law which are inconsistent with the provisions of the Martial Law which is in force shall be suspended and replaced by the provisions of the Martial Law which is in force.

Section 3. Area under the Martial Law

Where the whole of the Kingdom is not area under the Martial Law, such proclamation shall specify specific Monthon, Tambon or area under the Martial Law.

Section 4. Power to Proclaim the Martial Law

If there is war or insurrection in any area, the commander of military forces at least one battalion, or of any military fort, barracks or forfeited area, which has the power and duty to protect such area, shall have the power to proclaim the Martial Law within his or her responsible area. In this case, the proclamation of the Martial Law shall be reported to the Government immediately.

Section 5. Proclamation of Repeal

The repeal of the Martial Law in any area shall be made by Royal Proclamation.