Section Code: 0011 - 0015

MARTIAL LAW, B.E. 2457 (1914)


Section 11

The powers to make prohibitions are as follows:

  1. to prohibit any assembly or meeting;
  2. to prohibit the issuance, disposal, distribution or dissemination of any book, printed matter, newspaper, advertisement, verse or poem;
  3. to prohibit any advertising, showing of entertainment or receiving or broadcasting radio or television;
  4. to prohibit transportation in any public path, whether such public path is on land, in the water, in the air, including railway;
  5. to prohibit the possession or use of communication devices or weapon, accessories of weapon and chemical product or any other thing which may be harmful to any person, animal, plant or property, or which may be composed to be chemical product or other things of similar character;
  6. to prohibit persons from staying outside their dwelling places during determined period;
  7. to prohibit persons from entering into, or living in, any locality which the military authority is of opinion that it is necessary for military operation, desistance or suppression, or keeping public order. After having the prohibition, all persons shall leave from such locality within the period as prescribed therein;
  8. to prohibit any person from conducting any act or having any prohibited undertaking or thing as determined by the Minister of Defense during the period of the Martial Law.



Section 12

The military authority may, if it deems appropriate, cause provisional seizure of all things as mentioned in section 9, section 10 and section 11 so as to prevent the enemy from using them or for the benefit of military service.


Staying In

Section 13

The military authority shall have the power to stay in any place which it is of opinion that such place is useful for military service.


Destruction or Alteration of Any Place

Section 14

The powers to destroy or alter any place are as follows:

  1. to burn any house or thing which my be useful to the enemy after the retreat or which lies as obstacles to the fight if the battle or the fight is likely to be defeated by the enemy;
  2. to construct barracks or alter the nature of the country or village or Muang for the purpose of the fight or preparation for the defense at the discretion of the military authority.


Turning Out of Persons

Section 15

In case of doubt or necessity, the military authority shall have power to turn out any person who has no fixed place of domicile or who is temporarily residing in the area under the Martial Law.

Section 15 bis

If there is a reasonable ground to suspect that any person is the enemy or violates the provisions of this Act or the order of the military authority, the military authority shall have the power to detain such person for inquiry or for other necessities of the military. Such detention shall no longer than seven days.