Section Code: 0001 - 0006

Thailand’s Nationality Act B.E. 2508

As amended by Acts B.E. 2535 No. 2 and 3 (1992)

Given on the 21st day of July, B.E. 2508 (1965) Being the 20th Year of the Present Reign.

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej has been graciously pleased to proclaim that:

Whereas it is expedient to revise the law on nationality,

Be it, therefore, enacted by the King, by and with the advice and consent of the Constituent Assembly in the capacity of the National Assembly, as follows.

Section 1. Name

This Act shall be called the "Nationality Act, B.E. 2508"

Section 2. Publication

This Act shall come into force on and from the day following the date of its publication in the Government Gazette.

Section 3

The following shall be repealed:

  1. The Nationality Act, B.E. 2495;
  2. The Nationality Act (No. 2), B.E. 2496;
  3. The Nationality Act (No. 3), B.E. 2499;
  4. The Nationality Act (No. 4) B.E. 2503.

Section 4. Terms

In this Act:

  • “Alien" means a person who does not have a Thai nationality;
  • "Competent official" means the person appointed by the Minister for the execution of this Act;
  • "Minister" means the Minister taking charge and control of the execution of this Act.

Section 5. Acquisition

The acquisition of Thai nationality under Section 9 or 12, the loss of Thai nationality under Chapter 2, or the recovery of Thai nationality under Chapter 3, shall be effective upon its publication in the Government Gazette and shall have an individual effect.

Section 6. Execution of Act

The Minister of Interior shall take charge and control of the execution of this Act and shall have the power to appoint competent officials and to issue Ministerial Regulations fixing fees not exceeding the rates annexed to this Act, and to exempt any person as he thinks fit from fees for the following:

  • Application for naturalization as a Thai;
  • Certificate of naturalization as a Thai;
  • Application for recovery of Thai nationality.

Such Ministerial Regulations shall become effective upon their publication in the Government Gazette.