Section Code: 0057 - 0060

Immigration Act, B.E. 2522

Chapter 7: Miscellaneous

Chapter 7: Miscellaneous

Section 57

For the purpose of Chapter 7 miscellaneous ; whoever claims his nationality is Thai and if there is not enough evidence for the competent official to believe that he has Thai nationality, it is presumed that such a person is an alien until he can prove otherwise.

An application for proof of nationality under paragraph 1 of this Section will be submitted to the competent official in the accordance with the form and fees as prescribed in the Ministerial Regulations. If such person does not satisfy the competent official’s order, he may apply to the Court asking for consideration.

In the case where there is an application to the Court upon receiving and application, the Court shall notify the Public Prosecutor, who may, in turn, have a right for objection thereto.

Section 58

Any alien who has no lawful document for entering the Kingdom under Section 12 (1); or has no Residence Certificate under this Act; and also has no identification in accordance with the Law on Alien registration, is considered to have entered into the Kingdom in violation to this Act.

Section 59

The Director General, or the competent official deputized by Director General, shall have the authority to arrest and suppress any person violating this Act. They shall also have the authority to issue a subpoena, warrant of arrest or search, make arrest, search, or detain. They shall also have the authority to conduct inquiry into the offense against the provisions of this Act in the same manner as the inquiry official under the Criminal Procedure Code.

Section 60

In any area where the Minister deems it proper to grant exemption from payment of any fees under this Act, he shall have the authority to do so by making public notification in the Government Gazette.