Section Code: 0103 - 0106

Trademark Act B.E. 2534 (1991)
As Amended by Act (No. 2) B.E. 2543 (2000)

Chapter 5: Miscellaneous

Chapter V: Miscellaneous

Section 103

Any person shall be entitled, during office hours, to inspect the register of trademarks, service marks, certification marks and collective marks and files thereof, to obtain copies or certified copies of documents and apply for certification by the Registrar of particular of registration on payment of the fees prescribed in the Ministerial Regulations.

Section 104

Summonses, notices and other communications to an applicant, opposer, owner of a registered trademark, service mark, certification mark or collective mark, licensee or any other person pursuant to this Act shall be sent by registered acknowledgement mail to the office or address given in the application for registration or as registered, as the case may be.

If the delivery by the means set forth in the first paragraph is not possible, service may be made by an officer or by again sending by registered acknowledgement mail. If service is by an officer, if the recipient is not present, the communication may be delivered to any person of legal age who lives or works in the office or at the address or it may be posted in a conspicuous place at the office or address of the recipient.

Seven days after delivery by the means set forth in paragraph two have elapsed, the communication shall be deemed to have been received by the addressee.

Section 105

For the purpose of filing cases to the court or legal proceedings concerning trademarks, service marks, certification marks or collective marks under this Act, if the applicant or owner is not domiciled in Thailand, the office or address of the person or his agent given in the application or registration shall be deemed the domicile of such person.

Section 106

In the case where the Registrar petitions the Board to order the cancellation of a trademark, service mark, certification mark or collective mark or the cancellation of a trademark or service mark license agreement, the Registrar shall be exempted from the payment of fees under this Act.

Section 106 bis

In performing his duties under this Act, the Registrar or competent officer shall have the following powers:

  1. To enter the place of business, place of production, place of distribution, place of purchasing and place of storage of any business operator or person, or any place in which he has a reasonable ground for suspecting that a violation of the provisions of this Act is likely to occur, or to enter a vehicle of any person, or order the owner or operator of a vehicle to stop or park to make inspection for the enforcement of this Act or to make a search or seizure of evidence or property forfeitable under this Act, or to arrest in the following circumstances:

    1. where a flagrant offence is being committed in a place or vehicle;
    2. a person having committed a flagrant offence has, while being pursued, taken refuge or there is a serious ground for suspecting that such person is concealing in the place or vehicle;
    3. where there is a reasonable ground for suspecting that evidence or property forfeitable under this Act is kept in the place or vehicle, having a legitimate reason to believe that by reason of the delay in obtaining a warrant of search the evidence or property is likely to be removed, concealed, destroyed or altered from its original conditions;
    4. when a person to be arrested is the owner of the place or vehicle and the arrest is made with a warrant of arrest or can be made without such a warrant.

    For such purposes, he shall have the power to inquire or require the business operator, owner or operator of the vehicle or persons concerned to submit books of accounts, registration documents, other documents or evidence, and also order the persons in such a place or vehicle to act or perform as it is necessary.

  2. In cases where there is clear evidence to believe that any provision of this Act is violated, to seize or confiscate goods, vehicle, documents or other evidence in connection with such violation. In such a case, he shall report to the Director-General for his approval within three days and shall comply with the rules and procedures prescribed by the Director-General with the approval of the Council of Ministers.

Section 106 ter

In performing the duties under Section 106bis, the Registrar and competent officer shall produce his identification to the persons concerned.

The identification card under the first paragraph shall be in the form prescribed by the Minister in the Government Gazette.

Section 106 quarter

In performing his duties under this Act, the Registrar and competent officer shall be the competent official under the Criminal Code.