Section Code: Article 9

between the Kingdom of Thailand and the United States of America

ARTICLE IX: Import Export

  1. Notice of Customs Regulations

    In the administration of its customs regulations and procedures, each Party shall:

    1. publish all requirements of general application affecting importation and exportation;
    2. apply such requirements in a uniform, impartial and reasonable manner;
    3. refrain, as a general practice, from enforcing new or more burdensome requirements until after public notice thereof; and
    4. allow appeals to be taken from rulings of the customs authorities.

    Moreover, the customs authorities of each Party shall not impose greater than nominal penalties for infractions resulting from clerical errors or from mistakes made in good faith as deemed appropriate by the customs authorities.

  2. Import and Export

    Nationals and companies of either Party shall be accorded treatment no less favorable than that accorded nationals and companies of the other Party, or of any third country, with respect to all matters relating to importation and exportation.

  3. Discriminatory Import Export Policies

    Neither Party shall impose any measure of a discriminatory nature that hinders or prevents the importer or exporter of products of either Party from obtaining marine insurance on such products in companies of the other Party.