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What security can be used to request provisional release for the accused or defendant?

  1. Cash;
  2. Any other securities as follows:
    1. land title deed, certificate of land utilization (Nor Sor 3 Kor or Nor Sor 3);
    2. government bond, government savings certificate, card or Tha-wee-sin saving lottery of the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives, bill of exchange in which a bank is a drawee and guarantees such bill, promissory note issued by the bank or cheque issued by a bank as payer (cashier cheque), or bank guaranteed cheque;
    3. fixed deposit passbook or saving slip from the bank;
    4. letter of bank guarantee or bank certificate;
    5. certification letter from the insurance company;
    6. in some cases, these securities can be used as follows:
      1. car registration document or motorcycle registration document;
      2. document of rights, namely Phor Bor Thor 5, Sor Khor 1, Nor Sor 2 or Sor Por Kor;
      3. residential house;
      4. security under mortgage or any charge;
  3. A person standing as a surety by declaring his/her valuable securities;
  4. Governmental body under Ministry of Finance regulation in relation to legal assistance for government officer or government employee being criminal accused;
  5. Government officer, state enterprise employee, political officer or lawyer, may use the rank or position as security only for himself/ herself or close relatives by using the rank or position for bail bond not more than 10 times of current salary or average monthly income;
  6. When the professional practitioner such as medical doctor, pharmacist, nurse, engineer, architect, auditor, teacher, mass media and communication practitioner is an accused or defendant for the charge resulting from the performance of such duty or practice, he/she may use personal pledge for bail bond not more than 15 times of current salary or average monthly income.


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