How to surrender the security for bail?

In case of using land title deed, Nor Sor 3 or Nor Sor 3 Kor, it is necessary to obtain the price appraisal letter being issued within the period not more than 6 months from provincial land office or from the district office where the land is located. The price appraisal letter issued by provincial land office must be certified by the provincial land officer or acting provincial land officer or any authorized officer. If issued by district office, such letter must be certified by the district chief officer or district clerk acting for district chief officer or district land managing officer.

In case of using the bank account book, it is necessary to enclose the bank letter certifying the current balance in the account from the branch where the account is opened, with the statement to the effect that bank will not allow any withdrawal from such account unless instructed otherwise by the court.

In case of using personal pledge as specified in 6.5 as security, it is necessary to obtain certification letter from their organization indicating current position holding, level of salary scale and this should be clearly specifying for whom the bail is posing. In case where there is any pledge in other bail application or the use of personal pledge for other person, the letter shall indicate such pledge.

In case of using the car registration or motorcycle registration document as security, the car or motorcycle has to be inspected and appraised by court officer.

In case of using a residential house, the applicant should present a picture of such house and a letter of appraisal issued by the subdistrict headman or village headman.

In case of using the security under mortgage or any charge, the applicant must show that the price of the security exceeding the amount of the mortgage or any charge is sufficient to cover the bail.

Where the parents pose bail for their children, the court may grant bail without securities. The parents must provide sufficient proof of their relationship.

In case security submitted is insufficient to cover the amount of bail specified by the court, the court may allow the applicant to bring additional security within the time specified.


Provisional Release: Security Deposit
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Provisional Release: Security Deposit
Different security deposit allowed to cover the amount of bail specified by the court in Thailand.
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