What documents shall be prepared for filing a civil case?

The documents needed to prepare for filing a civil case are as follows:

  1. documents that are related to the source of obligations, if any, for example, a written contract, notices for the performance of debts;
  2. power of attorneys, in the case that a party appoints a proxy to act on his or her behalf;
  3. details regarding the amount of debt and interest to be repaid;
  4. appointment of lawyer;
  5. household registration or certification of Personal Information Registration of the defendant, obtained from the Registration Database, Central Registration Office, Ministry of Interior, which should not be obtained more than one month prior to the date of filing the plaint;
  6. affidavits, obtained from the Bureau of Business Documentation, Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce, for cases that pertain to juristic persons;
  7. other related evidences in connection with such case. For instance, the related evidences of a claim in relation to lands are title deeds, Nor Sor 3 Kor, image of the disputed land, map of the disputed land; or the related evidences of a claim for administration of the estate are the death certificate, birth certificate, list of family tree, the written consent of the heirs, etc.


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