Section Code: 1144 - 1149

Thai Civil and Commercial Code


Part 3: Management of Limited Companies

Part 1: General Provisions

Section 1144. Limited Company Managers

Every limited company shall be managed by a director or directors under the control of the general meeting of shareholder and according to the regulations of the company.

Section 1145. After registration of the company, not changes to regulations without special resolution.

After registration of the company, no regulations may be made and no additions to or alterations of the regulations or of the contents of the memorandum may be adopted except by passing a special resolution.

Section 1146. New regulations within 14 days of special regulation

It shall be the duty of the company to cause to be registered every new regulation, addition or alteration within fourteen days after the date of the special resolution.

Section 1147. Repealed

Section 1148. Registered Office

Every limited company may have a registered office to which all communications and notices may be addressed.

Notice of the situation of the registered office and of any change therein, shall be given to the Registrar of companies, who shall record the same.

Section 1149. Wait for Fully Paid up Company

As long as the shares have not been fully paid up, the company may not print or mention the capital of the company in any notice, advertisement, bills, invoices, letters or other documents, without clearly mentioning at the same time what proportion of such capital has been paid up.