Section Code: 1461 - 1464

Thai Civil and Commercial Code


Chapter 3: Relationship of Husband and Wife

Section 1461. Husband and Wife Relationship

Husband and wife shall cohabit as husband and wife.

Husband and wife shall maintain and support each other according to his or her ability and condition in life.

Section 1462. Danger of Cohabitation

Where the physical or mental health or happiness of either spouse is greatly imperiled by continuance of cohabitation, the spouse so imperiled may apply to the Court for authorization to live apart while the danger persists; and in such case, the Court may order such amount of maintenance to be furnished by one of the spouses to the other as may be proper according to the circumstances.

Section 1463. Incompetency

If one of the spouses is adjudged incompetent or quasi-incompetent, the other becomes guardian or curator by operation of law. But on application of any interested person or of Public Prosecutor, the Court may on substantial grounds, appoint another person as guardian or curator.

Section 1464. Insanity

If one of the spouse becomes insane, irrespective of whether he or she has been adjudged incompetent or not, and the other fails to give proper maintenance to the insane spouse under Section 1461 paragraph two, does or fails to do anything to the extent that it plunges the insane spouse into the position which is likely endangering the latter's body or mind, or causing any undue loss to the latter's property, the persons as specified in Section 28 or the guardian may enter an action against the other claiming maintenance for the insane spouse, or apply for any order of the Court to protect the insane spouse.

If, in case of entering the action for maintenance under paragraph one, no order has yet been given to effect the insane spouse to become incapacitated person, an application shall be made 10 the Court in the same case for an order effecting such insane spouse to be an incapacitated person and to appoint the applicant himself or herself as the guardian. If such order effecting the incapacitated person on the insane spouse has been given, an application for removal of the old guardian and appointment of a new one may be made.

In applying for any order of the Court for protecting the insane spouse without claiming maintenance, the applicant may not request the Court to order effecting the insane spouse to be an incapacitated person or to change the guardian. If the measures for protection as requested, in the opinion of the Court, requires an appointment or change of the guardian, the Court shall firstly give an order effecting the carrying out of the similar activities as provided in paragraph two, and then give a protection order as it is deemed suitable.

Section 1464/1

During the Court trial under Section 1464, the Court may, upon request, determine any temporary measures concerning the maintenance or protection of the insane spouse as it is deemed suitable. If it is a case of emergency, the provisions on the request in case of emergency under the Civil Procedure Code shall apply.