Section Code: 1686 - 1692

Thai Civil and Commercial Code


Chapter 4: Wills with Appointment of Controller of Property

Section 1686. Trust

Trust created whether directly or indirectly by will or by any juristic act producing effect during lifetime or after death shall have no effect whatever.

Section 1687. Disposal of Property to a Minor

If the testator desires to dispose of his property in favor of a minor or of a person adjudged incompetent or quasi-incompetent or of a person admitted into a hospital for unsoundness of mind but wishes to entrust the custody and management thereof to a person other than the parents, guardian, custodian or curator, he must appoint a controller of property by will.

Such appointment of a controller of property cannot be made for a longer period than the minority or the adjudication of incompetency or quasi-incompetency or the duration of the admittance into hospital as the case may be.

Section 1688. Registered Controller

No appointment of the controller of property in regard to an immovable property or any real right appertaining thereto is complete unless it has been registered by the competent official.

The same provision applies as regards ships of five tons and over, floating houses and beasts of burden.1

[ 1 The second paragraph of Section 1688 has been amended by Section 15 of the Civil and Commercial Code Amendment Act (no.14), B.E. 2548.]

Section 1689. Who can be appointed a Controller

With the exception of such persons as are specified in Section 1557 of this Code, any juristic or natural person of full capacity may be appointed a controller of property.

Section 1690. Appointment of Controller

A controller of property may be appointed by:

  1. the testator himself
  2. a person nominated for the purpose in the will

Section 1691. Controller can appoint another controller

Unless otherwise provided in the will by the testator, a controller of property may appoint by will another person to act in his stead.

Section 1692. Rights and Duties of Controller

Unless otherwise provided in the will by the testator, the controller of property shall have, as regards the property entrusted to him, the same rights and duties as the guardian within the meaning of Book V of this Code.