Section Code: 0013 - 0015


Given under our Hand this 25th Day of July, BE 2550 (2007);
Being the 62nd Year of our Reign.

Section 13

The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security shall, by ministerial regulation, set up a working system in support of the activities under and the execution of sections 10, 11 and 12.

Section 14

With respect to the procedure, entry of documents and taking of evidence, where no provision of this Act is specifically applicable, the law on establishment of juvenile and family courts and procedure thereof shall apply mutatis mutandis.

Section 15

Irrespective of to whatever extent the trial of a domestic violence case has progressed, the court shall attempt to arrange an agreement or settlement on the matters in issue between the parties, for the sake of the peaceful coexistence of the family members. For this purpose, the court shall also adhere to the following principles:

  1. The rights of the domestic violence victims need to be protected;
  2. The marital status, as the source of a male and a female who willingly live together as husband and wife, needs to be conserved and protected; prescribed that in case of impossibility, the divorce ought to be fair and should result in the most lenient injury, having due regard to the welfare and future of their children;
  3. The family needs to be protected and supported, especially when it is bound to provide maintenance and education to its members who are still minor;
  4. Certain measures need to be taken for the purpose of enabling the husband and wife to be reconciled and to reform the relationships between themselves and between them and their children.