Section Code: 0011 - 0012


Given under our Hand this 25th Day of July, BE 2550 (2007);
Being the 62nd Year of our Reign.

Section 11

In the course of an inquiry or trial, a court may issue an injunction indicating certain provisional measures or reliefs under section 10 or may issue any different injunction as it deems expedient.

In cases the situation or circumstances concerning the person committing the act of domestic violence or the domestic violence victim have changed, the court may amend, change or cancel the injunction indicating provisional measures or reliefs or the different injunction, or may stipulate additional conditions.

Any person who contravenes or fails to comply with a judicial injunction shall be liable to imprisonment for not more than six months, or a fine of not exceeding six thousand baht or both.

Section 12

In the event that the court holds a person committing an act of domestic violence guilty of the offence under section 4, the court may, instead of sentencing him to any penalty, apply certain measures of reformation, treatment or correction to him, may direct him to pay an amount of relief money, carry out community service or refrain from the acts giving rise to domestic violence, or may place him under a peace bond, subject to the procedure and period of time determined by the court.

In the event that the offence under section 4 is to be compounded or the complaint or charge is to be withdrawn, the inquirer or court, whichever applies, shall record the preliminary agreement prior to endorsing the said compound or withdrawal, whilst the measures under paragraph 1 shall mutatis mutandis become the conditions governing the execution of such agreement. In this respect, the inquirer or court may take into account the opinions of the victim or family members concerned. When the agreement and conditions are fulfilled, the compound or withdrawal may then be endorsed. Should the accused or defendant contravene or fail to observe the mentioned conditions, the inquirer or court may resume the prosecution.

The criteria and procedure for the execution of paragraphs 1 and 2 shall be set forth in the rules laid down and published in the Government Gazette by the President of the Central Juvenile and Family Court or the Minister, as the case may be.