Section Code: 0004 - 0008

B.E. 2558 (2015)

Given on the 7th Day of February B.E. 2558;
Being the 70th Year of the Present Reign.

Section 4

This Act shall apply to the international air carrier with charge and it shall include international air carrier without charge operated by a person who is the commercial air carrier.

The international air carriage under paragraph one means carriage of passengers, baggage or object by air by the aircraft which the contracting parties agreed that the places of departure and destination are in the territories of two countries or are in the territory of one country but the stopping places being within the territory of another country whether there is a stopping place during the air carriage or transfer of carriage.

Carriage to be performed by several successive carriers is deemed to be one undivided carriage, whether it has been agreed in one single contract or a series of contracts and if it does not lose the character of international air carriage merely because one contract of or a series of contracts is to be performed entirely within the territory of the same country.

Section 5

This Act shall not apply to the postal carriage which the carrier shall be liable only to the postal administration in accordance with the rules applicable to the relationship between the carrier and the postal administrations.

Section 6

The carrier who operates domestic air carriage, into or out of the kingdom shall have the liability insurance of the carrier under this Act.

Rules, means and conditions on the insurance under paragraph one shall be as prescribed in the Ministerial Regulation.

In regard to the insurance under paragraph one, the Director-General of Department of Civil Aviation shall order the carrier to present the insurance warranty.

In the case of violation or failing to comply with paragraph one or paragraph three, the competent official with the authority to grant permission on air carriage shall order the carrier to stop its domestic air carriage, into or out of the kingdom until such carrier complies with paragraph one or paragraph three as the case may be.

Section 7

Limits of liability of the carrier under this Act may be amended as prescribed in Royal Decree.

Section 8

The Minister of Transport shall have charge and control of this act and shall have the power to prescribe Ministerial Regulation for the execution of this Act.

The Ministerial Regulation shall come into force upon its publication in the Government Gazette.