Section Code: 0001 - 0003

B.E. 2558 (2015)

Given on the 7th Day of February B.E. 2558;
Being the 70th Year of the Present Reign.

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej is graciously pleased to proclaim that:

Whereas it is expedient to have a law on international air carriage;

Be it, therefore, enacted by the King, by and with the advice and consent of the National Legislative Assembly as follows:

Section 1

This Act is called “International Air Carriage Act B.E. ...”.

Section 2

This Act shall come into force after the expiration of ninety days from the date of its publication in the Government Gazette.

Section 3

In this Act:

  • “air carriage” means carriage of passengers, baggage or object by air by an aircraft;
  • “domestic air carriage” means carriage of passengers, baggage or object by air by an aircraft which the contracting party agrees that the places of departure and destination are within the territory of a country but it does not include an international air carriage under section 4 paragraph two and paragraph three;
  • “passenger” means a person whom the carrier allows him or her to travel on the aircraft and is not the aircraft crew;
  • “baggage” means checked and unchecked baggage;
  • “checked baggage” means the baggage in charge of the carrier and the carrier has issued a baggage identification tag;
  • “unchecked baggage” means a baggage in charge of the passenger besides of the checked baggage;
  • “cargo” means an asset which the consignor delivers to be in charge of the carrier for the purpose of air carriage;
  • “aircraft” means an aircraft under the law on aviation;
  • “carrier” means a person who operates the business of air carriage whether it is the carrier under the contract or the actual carrier and it shall mean a person who is a carriage of passengers, baggage or object by air by the aircraft;
  • “carrier under the contract” means a carrier who makes the contract on air carriage with a passenger, consignor, or any person who acts on behalf of the passenger or consignor;
  • “actual carrier” means a carrier who operates the air carriage in whole or in part of the route by using the authority of the carrier under the contract;
  • “consignor” means a person who is the contracting party to the carrier to deliver object in accordance with the air carriage contract;
  • “consignee” means a person who is identified as the consignee in the Air waybill ,receipt or in a note which the data appears by any other means in the case where there is no Air Waybill or receipt as the case may be;
  • “servant” means a person who work for the carrier regardless of remuneration;
  • “Special Drawing Right” means the Special Drawing Right in accordance with the law on authorization of and some provisions relating to Special Drawing Right in the International Monetary Fund.