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For tourists wanting to travel within Thailand and foreigners intending to immigrate to the country for business or residential purposes, the Thailand Elite Visa is the ideal ticket to a long-term stay in Thailand. Its inception dates back to 2003, when the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), a branch of Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sport, curated the Thailand Privilege Company Card Limited to act as an important subsidiary. The Thailand Privilege Company Card Limited then launched the Thai Elite Visa to encourage visitors, business owners, future residents, and Thailand enthusiasts to experience the full breadth of what Thailand has to offer.

Foreigners and retirees alike have been fascinated with this special VIP visa that allows them to reside within the country without being afflicted by all the disruptions that often come packaged with being a non-Thai citizen or resident. This type of visa is easy to apply for, with a streamlined application without any of the downsides that foreigners face when applying for visas. As a rising ASEAN group country, Thailand is eager to attract more tourists and residents to its growing economy and value as a travel destination, making the Thailand Elite Visa a tremendous asset to the Land of Smiles. With a simpler application process and numerous lifestyle, healthcare, and immigration perks, the level of ease and convenience provided is unmatched.

As a PE (Privilege Entry Visa), the Thailand Elite Visa provides members with a multitude of benefits, offering foreigners a stress-free and exhilarating venture to Thailand. It is a 5-year renewable, multiple-entry visa that can be extended according to the package chosen. For individuals aspiring to stay even longer than 5 years, the program also comes packaged with 10-year, 15-year, and 20-year (by invitation) options. As the longest visa present in the country, the Thailand Elite Visa is a paragon for those who do not want to handle the frustration of needing to make multiple trips to the country and incur high travel expenditures.

Expats and aspiring residents alike find the visa appealing due to the following:

  • It enables travelers and business partners to continue residing in Thailand without the usual disruptions and complex regulations associated with being a visa holder.
  • It grants immigration fast-tracking to applicants at airports. Visa holders no longer have to wait hours to pass immigration services.
  • Concierge services: Thailand Elite Visa holders can spend points on airport transfer privileges to have a driver drive them to their hotel and get them settled.
  • It streamlines the 90-day reporting process. Having an Elite Visa grants holders exclusive access to Thai Elite Visa Agents. For one privilege point, these agents can receive all required documentation and confirm their 90-day reporting to Thai immigration officers.
  • The multiple quality of life improvements such as opening Thai bank accounts, acquiring Thai driver licenses, investing in the Thai stock market, and networking with Thai firms and startups.
  • A plethora of leisure, lifestyle, and business benefits such as VIP-level treatment at shopping malls, immigration offices, airports, spas, golf courses, hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, and medical facilities.
  • The introduction of the privilege points feature lets individuals spend points on any privileges at their fingertips.

This is ideal for anyone who is:

  • A tourist
  • A business owner
  • An entrepreneur
  • A digital nomad
  • A retiree
  • A Thailand enthusiast
  • An aspiring Thai resident
  • An investor
  • An expat
  • Or if you are just generally excited to visit Thailand for an extended stay

Why apply for a Thailand Elite Visa through Siam Legal:

Our team of dedicated and passionate immigration lawyers can assist you with kickstarting your journey into Thailand. We have a wide array of different plans on offer including the standard 5-year Gold Membership, the family-oriented 10-year Platinum Membership, the cost-effective 15-year Diamond Membership, and the 20-year Reserve Membership if the applicant has been granted an invitation for it.

As a legal and immigration consultancy agency, our consultants can provide in-depth guidance on deciding which plan is a perfect fit for you and offer support on your Thailand Elite Visa Application. We can also offer extensive support in guiding applicants through the application procedure. Among these benefits, Siam Legal also provides free consultation in case you would want to test drive our services, complimentary legal support, and gift vouchers.

Aside from the Thailand Elite Visa, Siam Legal also provides multiple different immigration-related programs:

  • Thai visas ranging from 90 days to 1 year options
  • Business/Marriage/Retirement visas
  • Long-Term Residence (LTR) Visas
  • SMART Visas targeted at executives and investors
  • Student/work/tourist visas allowing local Thais to immigrate to Australia, UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and China
  • Schengen Visas allowing Thai residents to immigrate to European regions such as Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, Holland, Spain, and Belgium
  • Bank account and police clearance services

Why consider Thailand?

As of now, Thailand has been a growing hotspot for tourists, business owners, digital nomads, and retirees. There are a multitude of reasons why people decide to either visit, travel, or move to Thailand. With a vast, sprawling cityscape, majestic mountainous regions in the north, exotic beaches, a marginally lower cost of living compared to many other countries, reduced healthcare prices, and some of the largest shopping malls and districts in the world (Central Westgate, Central World, and ICONSIAM are ranked the 8th, 9th, and 10th largest respectively in the world), it is no wonder why many news outlets rank Thailand as being one of the best places to travel to.

Got any questions?

Siam Legal has a host of Thai Elite Visa Agents that will help answer any inquiries or concerns regarding the Thailand Elite Visa. As a general sales and service agent (GSSA) entrusted by Thailand Privilege, Siam Legal can deliver the most up-to-date knowledge and assistance on any dilemmas faced regarding the Thailand Elite Visa application. Just fill out a short form on Siam Legal’s Thailand Elite website and one of the agents will be in touch momentarily. Siam Legal’s Thai Elite Visa Agents can be reached via this link: https://www.siam-legal.com/thailandelite/contact-us/

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Thailand Privilege?

The Thailand Privilege Card, Ltd. was set up as a subsidiary of the Thailand Ministry of Tourism and Sport. Their main intentions are to provide a more streamlined approach for non-Thais to be able to either travel to or immigrate to Thailand.

What is Thailand Privilege’s role in the Thailand Elite Visa?

The Thailand Privilege Card, Ltd. is responsible for curating the Thailand Elite Visa as an easier and more relaxing approach for foreigners and expats to travel, reside in, or immigrate to Thailand without any of the downsides packaged with visa applications.

Can you change to a different Thailand Elite Visa package?

If you aren’t pleased with the current offerings provided by this plan, you can apply for a different option instead. If you want to change to a different plan, you would need to cancel the current plan you’re on and apply for your desired option with an entirely new application and background check.

If you made a mistake with the choice and want to change without applying again as a new applicant, you can only do so before you’ve paid for your current package. Once a payment has gone through, you cannot switch and would need to cancel and apply for a new one.

Can I own a house, condominium, or property in Thailand on a Thailand Elite Visa?

Having a Thailand Elite Visa does permit you to own a condominium within the country; however, you are not permitted to own land.

If I’ve lived in Thailand for a year but my visa is still valid, can I return?

Holders of one of Thailand Privilege’s Thailand Elite Visas are required to stay in Thailand for no more than a year (or 2 if requested). While you will need to leave the country before a year is up, you can still return to Thailand a day later so long as your visa is still valid.

I am on a tourist visa, would I be eligible to apply for a Thailand Elite Visa?

Yes, holders of a tourist visa are eligible to apply for Thailand Elite Visas. There are no restrictions imposed on applicants holding a tourist visa.

I am on a volunteer visa, would I be eligible to apply for the Thailand Elite Visa?

No, unfortunately, applicants on a volunteer visa are not eligible to apply for Thai Elite Visas.

I am on a Thai work permit, would I be eligible to apply for the Thailand Elite visa?

No, as Thailand Elite Visas are considered tourist visas, and having a work permit classes you as a non-immigrant visa holder. This is because Thailand forbids holding two different types of visas simultaneously.

What can I do if my country is on the “restricted countries” list?

Countries not qualified for the Thailand Elite Visa are based on the results found on the UN Sanction List. If you are from any of these territories and still want to apply, we do encourage you to fill out the application form, though we urge you to get in touch with a Thai Elite Visa agent to discuss what steps are needed.

Can I work on a Thailand Elite Visa?

No, Thailand Elite Visas are classified as tourist visas. You will need to hold a Thai work permit to be able to legally work in Thailand.

I want to pay for the Thailand Elite visa, but I do not have a local bank account.

Siam Legal accepts payment from international and overseas banks alongside local banking institutes. If you are unsure as to whether or not your current bank is supported, please reach out to a Thai Elite Visa agent or contact our customer support staff.

Do I need a certain minimum sum of money in my bank account to be eligible?

No. As long as you have the funds to make the full payment for the application, there is no minimum number of funds you need to have within your account.

Are Thailand Elite Visas upgradable?

Yes, Thailand Privilege members can upgrade their membership to the next tier. If you are a holder of a Gold membership for instance, you have the option of upgrading to either a 10-year Platinum Membership or a 15-year Diamond Membership. 

Can I apply for permanent residency status as a holder of a Thailand Elite Visa?

Thailand Elite Visa holders cannot apply for PR status in Thailand as they do not hold a non-immigrant visa or a work permit. However, it could lead you to decide on whether to settle for PR status in the country later down the line. To qualify for PR status you would need to attain non-immigration status.

Would I be required to pay taxes while on a Thailand Elite Visa?

No, Thailand Elite Visa holders do not have to pay taxes while residing in Thailand. However, they may be subjected to overseas taxes if they are receiving income internationally. Visa holders, however, can be considered tax residents and are eligible to apply for a TIN (Tax Identification Number). As Thai Elite Visa Agents are not experts in areas about taxation, you are urged to reach out to tax advisors in Thailand or your country of residence for any tax-related assistance.

Can I share the benefits of this visa with non-Thailand Elite Visa holders?

Yes. Visiting friends and family members can enjoy the benefits of the Thailand Elite Visa while in the country.

Will I be eligible for a certificate of residence?

Yes, Thailand Elite Visa holders can apply for a certificate of residence if requested. The certificates will only be in Thai, so you would need to hire a translator to convert them to English.

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