Section Code: Article 3

between the Kingdom of Thailand and the United States of America

ARTICLE III: Property and Buildings

  1. Fair and Equal Treatment

    Each Party shall at all times accord fair and equitable treatment to nationals and companies of the other Party, and to their property and enterprises; shall refrain from applying unreasonable or discriminatory measures that would impair their legally acquired rights acid interests; and shall assure that their lawful contractual rights are afforded effective means of enforcement, in conformity with the applicable laws.

  2. Property Clause

    Property of nationals and companies of either Party, including direct or indirect interests in property, shall receive the most constant protection and security within the territories of the other Party. Such property shall not be taken without due process of law or without payment of just compensation in accordance with the principles of international law.

  3. Buildings and Premises

    The dwellings, offices, warehouses, factories, and other premises of nationals and companies of either Party located within the territories of the other Party shall not be subject to entry or molestation without just cause. Official searches and examinations of such premises and their contents shall be made only according to law and with careful regard for the convenience of the occupants and the conduct of business.