Section Code: Article 4

between the Kingdom of Thailand and the United States of America

ARTICLE IV: Types of Business Activities

  1. Equal Treatment in Business Activities

    Nationals and companies of either Party shall be accorded national treatment with respect to establishing, as well as acquiring interests in, enterprises of all types for engaging in commercial, industrial, financial end other business activities within the territories of the other Party.

  2. Limits in Certain Types of Activities

    Each party reserves the right to prohibit aliens from establishing or acquiring interests, or to limit the extent to which aliens may establish or acquire interests, in enterprises engaged within its territories in communications, transport, fiduciary functions, banking involving depository functions, the exploitation of land, or other natural resources, or domestic trade la indigenous agricultural products, provided that it shall accord to nationals and companies of the other Party treatment no less favorable in this connection than that accorded nationals and companies of any third country.

  3. Limits to Professions

    The provisions of paragraph I do not include the practice of professions, or callings reserved for the nationals of each Party.

  4. Equal Treatment of Businesses as Locals

    Enterprises which are or may hereafter be established or acquired by nationals and companies of either Party within the territories of the other Party and which are owned or controlled by such nationals and companies, whether in the form of individual proprietorships, direct branches or companies constituted under the laws of such other Party, shall be permitted freely to conduct their activities therein upon terms no less favorable than like enterprises owned or controlled by nationals of such other Party or of any third country.

  5. Right to Do Normal Business as Necessary

    Nationals and companies of either Party shall enjoy the right to control and manage the enterprises which they have established or acquired within the territories of the other Party, and shall be permitted without discrimination to do all things normally found necessary and proper to the effective conduct of enterprises engaged in like activities.

  6. Right to Use their own Personal Experts

    Nationals and companies of either Party shall be permitted, in accordance with the applicable laws, to engage, within the territories of the other Party, accountants or other technical experts, executive personnel, attorneys, agents and other specialists of their choice. Moreover, such nationals and companies shall be permitted to engage accountants and other technical experts, regardless of the extent to which they may have qualified for the practice of a profession within the territories of such other Party, for the particular purpose of raking examinations, audits and technical investigations for internal purposes exclusively for, and rendering reports to, such nationals and companies in connection with the planning and operation of their enterprises within such territories.