Section Code: Article 11

between the Kingdom of Thailand and the United States of America

ARTICLE XI: Business with Government

  1. Government Owned Enterprises

    Each Party undertakes

    1. that enterprises owned or controlled by its Government, and monopolies or agencies granted exclusive or special privileges within its territories, shall make their purchases and sales involving either imports or exports affecting the commerce of the other Party solely in accordance with commercial considerations, including price, quality, availability, marketability, transportation and other conditions of purchase or sale; and
    2. that nationals, companies and commerce of such other Party shall be afforded adequate opportunity, in accordance with customary business practice, to compete for participation in such purchases and sales.
  2. Equal Right to Commerce with Governments

    Each Party shall accord to nationals, companies and commerce of the other Party fair and equitable treatment, as compared with that accorded to nationals, companies and commerce of arty third country, with respect to:

    1. the governmental purchase of supplies;
    2. the awarding of concessions and other government contracts; and
    3. the sale of any service by the Government or by any monopoly or agency granted exclusive or special privileges.