Section Code: Article 12

between the Kingdom of Thailand and the United States of America

ARTICLE XII: Allowable Restrictions

  1. Allowable Restrictions

    The present Treaty shall not preclude the application of measures

    1. regulating the importation or exportation of gold or silver;
    2. regulating to fissionable materials, their radio-active by-products, or the sources thereof;
    3. regulating the production of or traffic in arms, ammunition and implements of war, or traffic in other materials carried on directly or indirectly for the purpose of supplying a military establishment;
    4. regulating, on a non-discriminatory basis, military requisition of supplies and implements of war in time of emergency or in time of war;
    5. necessary to fulfill the obligations of either Party for the maintenance or restoration of international peace and security, or necessary to protect its essential security interests; or
    6. denying to any company in the ownership or direction of which nationals of any third country or countries have directly or indirectly the controlling interest, the advantages of the present Treaty, except with respect to recognition of juridical status and with respect to access to courts of justice and to administrative tribunals and agencies.
  2. No Political Activities

    The present Treaty does not accord any right to engage in political activities.

  3. Does not Extend to U.S. Territories or Possessions

    The most-favored-nation provisions of the present Treaty relating to the treatment of goods shall not extend to advantages accorded by the United States of America or its territories and possessions, irrespective of any future change is their political status, to one another, to the Republic of Cuba, to the Republic of the Philippines, to the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands or to the Panama Canal Zone.

  4. MFN does not apply to future changes

    The provisions of the present Treaty as regards the most-favored-nation treatment do not apply to:

    1. favors now granted or which may hereafter be granted to neighboring States with regard to navigation on or use of boundary waterways not navigable from the sea; or
    2. favors now granted or which may hereafter be granted in virtue of national legislation on the promotion of industrial investment.