Section Code: Article 13

between the Kingdom of Thailand and the United States of America

ARTICLE XIII: Representation and Disputes

  1. Right to Representation

    Each Party shall accord sympathetic consideration to, and shall afford adequate opportunity for consultation regarding, such representations as the other Party may make with respect to ally matter, affecting the operation of the present Treaty.

  2. Disputes

    Any dispute between the Parties as to the interpretation or application of the present Treaty, act satisfactorily adjusted by diplomacy or other pacific means, shall be submitted, at the request of either Party, to a panel of arbitrators for settlement in accordance with applicable principles of international law. The panel shall be composed of three members, one selected by each Party and the third chosen by the members selected by the Parties.

    In the event the members selected by the Parties are unable to agree upon the third member within one month, the third member shall be one who is designated by the Secretary-General of the United Nations at the request of either Party.