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This Application for Provisional Release to the Court is in Thai and English version, of which the Thai content is modified from the book Getting to Know the Courts of Justice, Part Bail Application to the Court by the Information and Public Relations Division, the Office of the Judiciary. The Sub-Committee for Selection and Review of Translation of Laws and Substantial Legal Documents Relevant to the Judicial Services of the Courts of Justice considered that it should be translated into English in order to publish information on application for provisional release to the court in an easily comprehensible manner to foreigners. Furthermore, the purpose of this book is to be a manual for divisions under the Courts of Justice in explaining the application for provisional release of Thailand to foreigners who contact with the court to help them to have better understanding in the Thai legal system.

We hope that this translation will be in great advantage, and any opinions or suggestions that you may have for the benefits of the next publication, please send them to the International Affairs Division, the Office of the Judiciary.

International Affairs Division
Office of the Judiciary
April 2012

What is an application for provisional release to the court?

Such application is for provisional release without bail, or with bail, or with bail and security submitted to the court to consider for a release of an accused or a defendant for a specified period of time.


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