Section Code: 1196 - 1199

Thai Civil and Commercial Code


Part 3: Management of Limited Companies

Part 4: Balance Sheet

Section 1196. Annual Financial Statement required

A balance-sheet must be made at least once every twelve months, at the end of such twelve months as constitute the financial year of the company.

It must contain a summary of the assets and liabilities of the company and a profit and loss account.

Section 1197. Examination by Auditors and Adopted in General Meeting

The balance-sheet must be examined by one or more auditors and submitted for adoption to a general meeting within four months after its date.

A copy of it must be sent to every person entered in the register of shareholders at least three days before the general meeting.

Copies must also be kept open at the offices of the company during the same period for inspection by the holders of certificates to bearer.

Section 1198. Submission of Balance Sheet to General meeting

On submitting the balance-sheet, the directors must lay before the general meeting a report showing how the business of the company was conducted during the year under review.

Section 1199. Right to Copy of Company Balance Sheet

Any person is entitled to obtain from any company a copy of its latest balance-sheet on payment of a sum not exceeding twenty baht.

It shall be the duty of the directors to send to the Registrar a copy of every balance sheet not later than one month after it has been adopted by the general meeting.